Running a Workshop - starting a workshop

Not set up your workshop yet and need guidance for this? See our previous articles on creating custom and template workshops.

Once your workshop is configured and ready to start, you can either click on the 'Start' link for a workshop on the home page, or click the 'Start workshop' button in the workshop setup page.

This will start your workshop, and prevent any further changes to its configuration.

The whole platform is designed around the idea the facilitator's screen will be shared - either over a screen sharing platform like Zoom, Skype or Webex - or projected onto a wall or TV.

On the first page you welcome your participants and explain how they join and, if necessary, re-join. Participants join through their device (mobile, tablet, desktop) by visiting and entering the dedicated workshop code. There is also a prompt to mention that all inputs are anonymous to encourage challenge and innovation. You can see who has joined in the left hand pane.

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